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This is the biggest thing that we’ve ever done. The most innovative, beautiful and powerful thing that we’ve ever done. And it’s also the most Mac thing that we’ve ever done! This is what the legendary Pixelmator Team has been secretly and incredibly passionately working on for 5 whole years.

It turned out to be the coolest thing that we or anyone else has done in years, and, oh boy, I wish I could unveil everything just now, but I can’t. Well, I could, but I don’t wan’t to. Just yet. I am very excited about it and I really want every single thing to come out perfectly. So no details for now. But be sure that the entire team is currently working hard to bring you a lot more about what we’re doing — ASAP.

Great times ahead (again).

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  • iSaulius

    Opa, gera naujiena!
    Sp?ju, kad tai bus konkurentas “Affinity Designer” 🙂

  • Misa

    Video Editor? 2D Animation?

    • Alex

      Exactly, on the top is time, look ?

      3 years ago
    • SKR

      The top is not time but more a ruler that might be showing resolution value.

      3 years ago
  • Tom Buckley

    looking forward to the new product

  • Wim Van Poelgeest

    ? 🙂

  • Wim Van Poelgeest

    Sounds great!

  • Thomas Blum

    Interesting to see it

  • TekART

    Can hardly wait to see what you guys are coming up with. #excitement

  • Ishmael

    Whatever it is, I’m betting it’s hard on the eyes!

  • Manuel Sainsily (www . sainxart . com)


  • Dan The Photo Man

    I bet it will be announced by Apple…featuring it during the keynote at Monday’s developer conference.

  • Ashiq Mia

    waiting to see what’s coming

  • Rico

    I cant’ wait. Pixelmator user since 1.0 of the best app of the Apple universe !

    • Yawn

      Not quite !

      The first several versions of Pixelmator were watered-down / out-dated versions of what PS was / is capable of. Since Adobe released the PSD Spec and now every 3rd party and their dog can code to those specs now it only makes sense that other companies would start playing catc-up a bit faster.

      When Pixelmator exceeds what PS does for photos and outs features and options that Adobe has not devloped — then sure Pixelmator can viewed viewed as superior to PS.

      (PS has other added functionality that caters to 3D and Video output — the above comment only reflects PS’s true photo editing capabilities — I never cared about the extra bells and whistles that Adobe bloats PS with.)

      3 years ago
  • Nicolas

    „Graphique–Edited“ – oh a dream could come true….

  • SKR

    Hopefully it is an update to Pixelmator and not a different app! I have been an avid Pixelmator user for more than 5 years now and there is so much potential to be implemented. Can’t wait for WWDC!

  • Dave

    I guess the icon in the Dock gives us a hint.
    It pretty much depicts Apple’s Photos icon in a square shape with a paintbrush. Is it the new Pixelmator icon, or a totally different app ? IMO this is all about Pixelmator, because the current icon has a photo on a wooden surface, so it makes sense to switch to Apple’s Photos icon style instead.
    Can’t wait to see 😉

  • Alfred Konijnenbelt

    I remember, long time ago, you were dreaming of an Illustrator killer. May it finally be true!

  • Alfred Konijnenbelt

    I bet it will kill Illustrator big time!

  • John

    That explains why Pixelmator is so rarely updated and lacks so many features. Sometimes I regret buying it…

    • Jack

      You buy software for what it does for you, not for what updates it might or might not have…

      3 years ago
    • Tim Keating

      …at less than 10% of the price…

      3 years ago
  • Chris Howard

    Hmm. It’s called Graphique. Seems to hint in the text at multi-medium… An all in one product? No more Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch/InDesign?

  • Josh Berkowitz

    LOVE your stuff, so excited for this!!!

  • Ahmed Ziab

    looking forward to the new product

  • Quick Export as PNG

    Dear Team,

    Push like an animal.
    Make something big.
    Make something great.
    Make it happen.


  • John C. Randolph

    Can’t wait to see what it is. You guys have been doing great work for years, and I always hoped that Apple would bring you in-house and add Pixelmator to iWork.


  • Paul

    I’m piqued, can’t wait to see

  • MVX

    For iOS too???

  • Gustavo

    I think is “Pixelmator 4.0” with Sketch / Illustrator features.

  • oliver

    …or the Pixelmator Team is working with Apple (which explains the icon similarity to the Photos app).

  • Mark Rushton

    Here, take my money! (What is it?)

    Seriously. You guys hit it out of the park with Pixelmator, which -IMHO- has given you a good deal of client confidence. I’d be happy (REALLY HAPPY) if this is a standalone version of Vectormator with import/export capabilities for .ai files. But whatever. Surprise me.

  • Jochem

    Ok, I waited long enough! Release it already! ?

  • Franco


  • harry

    Ok….. just ohne question
    Will it tun on el captain

    Sand Face/ happy face

    • harry

      Will it rum on el capitain
      Autocorrect fcvx it

      3 years ago
    • Jack

      Even if it did, El Capitan is a dead end. Move to newer OS X version, or you’ll end up with an unsupported machine soon. With Apple you should always be at most 1 version behind.

      3 years ago
  • netster

    Can’t wait! <3

  • Eniodi

    Errr…. could it be an image editor of some sort?

  • Klaus Major

    While you are removing the spammers here, please take the time to add some more little hints, or the interest will fade out, I’m afraid. You know what I mean! 😎

  • Franco

    Just purchased Acorn 6, pixelmator NEWS is taking too long…

  • Klaus Major

    That’s what I meant! 😎

  • Jess

    It’s an app made in collaboration with Apple and released included in High Sierra this fall.

  • Les

    Any more updates guys? Is been over 6 weeks now since this sneak preview was published – more hints please!

    • Derek

      Right? There’s just been radio silence on their end. Most have probably forgotten or lost interest at this point.

      3 years ago
  • Jan

    Sounds great, can’t wait