A while ago

Hello World (again)!

Every awesome thing has a beginning. And this blog post may be it. As well as being the start of a new journey, a shortened version of this post will probably become the About Me section on this website — I’m too lazy to do same thing twice. So, here it goes, the extended version:

My name is Saulius Dailide and I run the legendary Pixelmator Team. And now, obviously, also this blog.

I grew up in Prienai, a small town in Lithuania and now live in Vilnius, Lithuania together with my family — my beautiful wife and, at the time of writing, my awesome, nearly three-month-old son. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration from the University of Vilnius.

I am a huge fan of the Mac and pretty much everything Apple. The Mac is at the heart of everything I do.

Almost ten years ago, in 2007, me and my brother Aidas founded the Pixelmator Team — an incredible Mac software company where we create Pixelmator, the world’s most innovative image editing app for Mac and iOS. Pixelmator became incredibly popular and has won many awards since and was also featured at the Apple Special Event in 2014 together with me and my brother on stage.

My brother and I have also co-founded a few other Mac and iOS software and game companies, and we’ve worked on (and continue to work on) a lot of other awesome stuff that you may have heard of, or are still yet to hear of.

Since I enjoy a relatively secret private life, this blog is more a glimpse at what I am currently interested in and what I am up to.

And I really am up to something.

To be more precise, we — everyone at the Pixelmator Team — are up to something very big and exciting. And it’s coming to your Mac soon.

In fact, that might be the main reason why I started blogging again. Last time I started blogging was in 2007, when we launched Pixelmator 1.0. I guess it was worth it then, wasn’t it.