A while ago

WWDC17 Keynote

It’s like this year’s WWDC Keynote was made exclusively for us at the Pixelmator Team and very much for me, personally. I loved every single bit of it. I think it was the best WWDC Keynote yet.

I use Apple Watch — I got the Apple Watch Activity app update where you can now basically do a triathlon. I’ll do a triathlon one day (sprint distance, of course. Probably after a couple of our secret massive releases). I know that VR is the future and there you go — now we all (most importantly Apple) officially and loudly agree about it. iPad Pro and iOS — brilliant updates, what’s not to like.

Very excited about iMac Pro. Even more excited about the unannounced, but somehow mentioned between the lines modular Mac Pro. Can’t wait to run our apps on those two — it’s like they are made for what we do.

But I am most excited about macOS High Sierra — OMG, OMG, OMG — Metal 2, Core ML, Swift 4, external GPU Support, and so much more. Our awesome Pixelmator Team engineers are already squeezing every single bit out of it, and pouring it right into our spectacular upcoming new app. In addition, and it’s pretty much granted, those cool new technologies are always a great boost for the whole team to get things going with extra energy.

There was one thing that I did not like. And no, it’s not what you think — in fact, quite the opposite — I loved those third-party demos very much. It’s now crystal clear that the things we are about to unveil are years ahead — no, not years — LIGHT-YEARS ahead of what was shown on stage by third parties. Except maybe for the VR/AR stuff.

No, the thing that I did not like was that there was no pause in the middle of a such an awesome show. I really needed to take a leak and didn’t, because how could I miss anything.

P.S. Loved the HomePod. HomePod is going to be my reward once I execute all the planned grand releases with an adequate bang. And even if I don’t deserve it — I’m buying one for the team…

…and then one for myself anyway.