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Yup, November 29th. That is the day Pixelmator Pro will be released.

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on what might be the most beautiful, innovative, and inspiring app we’ve ever made. It really is that great.

We didn’t announce the Pixelmator Pro release date earlier because we wanted to take as much time as necessary to build a solid v.1.0. Pixelmator Pro is huge and there are just so many new things and technologies to take care of to make sure everything works as it should. But the current Pixelmator Pro 1.0 Whirlwind beta version I’m running is already rock solid so why not announce the release date is most likely to be November 29th.

Oh, and Pixelmator Pro 1.0 Whirlwind will launch on the Mac App Store with a price of $59 as we want as many of you as possible to be able to afford it. However, we don’t think the price will stay that low for too long. It will go up as soon as we ship free updates with major new features (that are not yet announced but are in the works already) as well as Pixelmator Pro for iPad (which is a great friend of Pixelmator Pro for Mac), Vectormator, and more. The intended original price for Pixelmator Pro is $99 and we plan to ship big updates quickly.

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And just so you know, you might well be taking part in image editing history here…

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Pixelmator 3.7 Mount Whitney

I’ve said many times — despite the fact that we’re releasing the amazing Pixelmator Pro, the original Pixelmator is also here to stay. And today is a nice day for it — we’ve just released the new Pixelmator 3.7 Mount Whitney with full macOS High Sierra support, the ability to edit with Pixelmator in Photos, HEIF support, and some other improvements and fixes.

We love the Edit With Pixelmator feature in Photos so we’ve made a short video to show you what it’s about and how it works. I hope you like it.

As for other nice happenings today, we’ve also sent out our awesome Newsletter No. 2, which includes a quick rundown of what we’ve been up to these past few weeks, including a glance at the beautiful De Stijl artistic style. I personally love our exploration of artistic styles and can’t wait to share some more beautiful art with you.

P.S. I was expecting to release Pixelmator for iOS 2.4 Cobalt this week, but that didn’t happen. We decided to take our time and add a couple of nice improvements. The Cobalt release will happen next week. So stay tuned.

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Three Times

The wonderful macOS High Sierra just came out and we couldn’t be more excited about the upgrade. There are some groundbreaking new core technologies that we use and love already very much — like Metal 2, Machine Learning, HEIF, VR, and some others.

However, there is one very cool detail that is incredibly heartwarming for us all at the Pixelmator Team — in the official macOS High Sierra press release, Pixelmator is mentioned three times in different paragraphs (Pixelmator twice and Pixelmator Pro once). Yes, you read it right — THREE huge times. That is insane. That is incredibly cool.

We are very proud of this.

However, we don’t take this for granted. It is a huge responsibility and we do understand very well that we have to keep going strong, even stronger in order to be worth it. Pixelmator Pro is a good example of that.

P.S. We are also putting the final touches on Pixelmator 3.7 Mount Whitney (macOS High Sierra support, Edit With Pixelmator in Photos, HEIF, and more) and Pixelmator for iOS 2.4 Cobalt (iOS 11 support, maybe the new file browser, HEIF, and more). We should be finished by the end of this week and then expect to release both updates sometime next week. So stay tuned.

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New Icon

The app icon is a fundamental part of any app. I personally judge apps by their icons and I am very comfortable admitting that. The icon is a reflection of lots of things, including quality, beauty, innovation, platform nativeness, and even the developer’s values. All of this is visible from the very first glimpse. It’s incredibly rare for an app with a beautiful icon to be crap. Even more, app icons are of utmost importance in macOS, since we, Mac users, care a lot about how our apps look and feel.

Pixelmator has always had a beautiful icon. It was important to us from the very beginning, so we took great care in designing it. And that hasn’t changed now with the upcoming Pixelmator Pro. In fact, Pixelmator Pro has the most beautiful icon we’ve ever made. It says exactly what we want it to say — Pixelmator Pro is a creative Mac app that has a lot to do with photos.

The fact that the Pixelmator Pro icon is inspired by Photos is not a coincidence. We want you to know exactly that — this is a native Mac app that extends the Photos app on your Mac with awesome creative tools. That’s what brush in the icon says. And the thick rounded board means that it’s a huge standalone app, not some piece of utility software. The modified flower from the Photos icon represents a manipulated or edited photo, which is what Pixelmator Pro is all about.

Previous Icon

Even though the Pixelmator Pro icon is beautiful and incredibly meaningful — we are going to change it.

In our initial app testing, we’ve run into a problem with the icon where we sometimes launched the Photos app instead of Pixelmator Pro and vice versa. Especially if the macOS Dock was too small. That is not OK. Another thing is that, when creating the icon for Pixelmator Pro for iPad, we looked for full icon consistency between both macOS and iOS. So we tried to use the same flower shape. But that looked even closer to the Photos app on iOS — not OK even more.

So we went out to try to come up with something new. We did it — and it turned out to be amazing. The new Pixelmator Pro icon clearly shows that this is a creative, expressive, and very Mac app.

New Icon

It channels creativity using all the colors of the color spectrum in an expressive, partly abstract design. It also features our signature brush and the 9º rotation that appears in many default macOS app icons. It’s instantly recognizable. And we’ve designed it to delight you from the very first moment you download Pixelmator Pro. I think you and your Mac are going to love it.

Be sure to let us know what you think about the new icon. We are updating the Pixelmator Pro app, our website, and all of our product and marketing materials while you read this. It should all be ready for you to enjoy very soon at www.pixelmator.com.

Stay tuned.

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Pixelmator Team introduces Pixelmator Pro


The curtains are down and I’m incredibly happy to finally show you what we’ve been hiding. It’s Pixelmator Pro. And it’s amazing. Just see for yourself.

Now, we’re going to be talking about this a lot. Stay tuned.

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I enjoy simple things in photography. For example, a photo of this ordinary evening I captured using my drone. A sunset with a cloudy sky, a couple of lakes and the barely visible lights of a small town on the horizon.

Taken some time in May, at 22:10, using a drone. Elevation: 200 m (655 ft) above sea level, facing north-west. Air temperature: 15ºC (59ºF). Edited in [redacted].

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WWDC17 Keynote

It’s like this year’s WWDC Keynote was made exclusively for us at the Pixelmator Team and very much for me, personally. I loved every single bit of it. I think it was the best WWDC Keynote yet.

I use Apple Watch — I got the Apple Watch Activity app update where you can now basically do a triathlon. I’ll do a triathlon one day (sprint distance, of course. Probably after a couple of our secret massive releases). I know that VR is the future and there you go — now we all (most importantly Apple) officially and loudly agree about it. iPad Pro and iOS — brilliant updates, what’s not to like.

Very excited about iMac Pro. Even more excited about the unannounced, but somehow mentioned between the lines modular Mac Pro. Can’t wait to run our apps on those two — it’s like they are made for what we do.

But I am most excited about macOS High Sierra — OMG, OMG, OMG — Metal 2, Core ML, Swift 4, external GPU Support, and so much more. Our awesome Pixelmator Team engineers are already squeezing every single bit out of it, and pouring it right into our spectacular upcoming new app. In addition, and it’s pretty much granted, those cool new technologies are always a great boost for the whole team to get things going with extra energy.

There was one thing that I did not like. And no, it’s not what you think — in fact, quite the opposite — I loved those third-party demos very much. It’s now crystal clear that the things we are about to unveil are years ahead — no, not years — LIGHT-YEARS ahead of what was shown on stage by third parties. Except maybe for the VR/AR stuff.

No, the thing that I did not like was that there was no pause in the middle of a such an awesome show. I really needed to take a leak and didn’t, because how could I miss anything.

P.S. Loved the HomePod. HomePod is going to be my reward once I execute all the planned grand releases with an adequate bang. And even if I don’t deserve it — I’m buying one for the team…

…and then one for myself anyway.

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Coming Soon

This is the biggest thing that we’ve ever done. The most innovative, beautiful and powerful thing that we’ve ever done. And it’s also the most Mac thing that we’ve ever done! This is what the legendary Pixelmator Team has been secretly and incredibly passionately working on for 5 whole years.

It turned out to be the coolest thing that we or anyone else has done in years, and, oh boy, I wish I could unveil everything just now, but I can’t. Well, I could, but I don’t wan’t to. Just yet. I am very excited about it and I really want every single thing to come out perfectly. So no details for now. But be sure that the entire team is currently working hard to bring you a lot more about what we’re doing — ASAP.

Great times ahead (again).

And because of all this, I highly recommend you subscribe to our Notify Me list or follow us on Twitter to be the first to know as soon as we have something more to reveal.

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Hello World (again)!

Every awesome thing has a beginning. And this blog post may be it. As well as being the start of a new journey, a shortened version of this post will probably become the About Me section on this website — I’m too lazy to do same thing twice. So, here it goes, the extended version:

My name is Saulius Dailide and I run the legendary Pixelmator Team. And now, obviously, also this blog.

I grew up in Prienai, a small town in Lithuania and now live in Vilnius, Lithuania together with my family — my beautiful wife and, at the time of writing, my awesome, nearly three-month-old son. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration from the University of Vilnius.

I am a huge fan of the Mac and pretty much everything Apple. The Mac is at the heart of everything I do.

Almost ten years ago, in 2007, me and my brother Aidas founded the Pixelmator Team — an incredible Mac software company where we create Pixelmator, the world’s most innovative image editing app for Mac and iOS. Pixelmator became incredibly popular and has won many awards since and was also featured at the Apple Special Event in 2014 together with me and my brother on stage.

My brother and I have also co-founded a few other Mac and iOS software and game companies, and we’ve worked on (and continue to work on) a lot of other awesome stuff that you may have heard of, or are still yet to hear of.

Since I enjoy a relatively secret private life, this blog is more a glimpse at what I am currently interested in and what I am up to.

And I really am up to something.

To be more precise, we — everyone at the Pixelmator Team — are up to something very big and exciting. And it’s coming to your Mac soon.

In fact, that might be the main reason why I started blogging again. Last time I started blogging was in 2007, when we launched Pixelmator 1.0. I guess it was worth it then, wasn’t it.